Sunday, August 30, 2009

dumb conscious

I have convinced Dennis that diapering with a sock is just working backwards. I mean you have to still do laundry and you use a disposable. Our compromise is we will insert the disposables into our three and half year olds panties for night time use. This way we have less waste the dipes r smaller then the pull ups. And we get to use the supplies we have....hope fully once they r done she willbe making it throught the night.

( I just reread that paragraph, and we are so lame!)

im about a month into successful cloth diapering, and my conscious kicks in. Is this really a resolution, I mean I literally have no choice. I have to cloth diaper, or look at my babes bleeding butt. Nope i decide im not doing my part.

Then an idea strikes me

Ben and ticka, My nephew and neice spend three full days here a week. I will use cloth on them while they're here. Thats helping the enviroment. Perfect!

So my mother- ease cloth dapers r snap diapers, which have theyre advantages, (they dont wear out, they dont snag in the wash, they dont collect fuzz) But have you ever restled a one year old boy and tried to do up the four snaps that r neccesary and then get him in a cover and velcro it shut.

Well if you havent don't. it was horrible, it definetly was a two person job. This is when i decided i needed to invest in some all-in-one diapers. For those of you who dont know they r exactly like a disposble but washable & reusable. I went to vancouver island to look for some on a shopping trip....... 24 fricking dollars.... as if..... I found some used ones for 11 dollars, but i couldnt bring myself to do it.

I got home and ebay'd it. 115 dollars would get me 8 brand new diapers. I'm cheap, I mean i had the money but i hate spending it.

So one day I decide Im gonna sew a diaper. and im gonna use stuff from my house.

yup thats right i was sure i could make it work

I found one of hubby's old windbreakers and an old blanket and an old dishtowel..... nothingbut the best for my babe!!!

I was quite proud of the results.... my husband sang praises..... even after the diaper leaked all over the place, The babies clothes, our bed it was gross!

So I moved on to a table cloth.

This worked quite well actually and was really cute.... till the cute print on the table cloth wore off and then it started cracking.

But i was getting good at the diapers now I had made a few cute ones out of a placemat and some faux fur. this one worked great but was really stiff.

None of these though compared to the cute ones online with the coloured stretchy waterproof fabric. I wanted to make those. I really wanted to make them. I searched for fabric and found a place in california... shipping was to much fabric was too much but i ordered two colours and waited impatiently for them to arrive.

did you really put a sock in her diaper?

Yeah crap, I guess this means I have to stick to my resolution.

It dawns on me 6 diapers is no where near enough for full time diapering. I hate laundry and im going to have to wash every day. so i start looking. Powell river is small. Apparently theyre is no need for anystores in town to carry cloth diapers. But i can't be the only mommy to cloth diaper. I Luck out one day and find 10 mother-ease one size fits all cotton terry dapers at the baby consignment store. And a bunch of covers. Im set.

I take these home, boil, bleach, wash, dryer dry, and sun dry. This is me sterilizing the barely used diapers. i put them on my babe. they're a bad fit, she still small and thesse r one size fits all.

But I use them with enthusiasm, she has no rash at all. YAY!!!

My husband still having a hard time giving up our disposables.... we had a bunch of unused diapers and apparently he didnt want to waste. Has being sneaking them on her. One morning on the weekend i wake up ans change her bum. SHe is wearing a disposable. i feel like hitting my hubby, how could he do this to our babes bum. I open the dipe and see black. what s this. Oh my god he has put a sock inbetween her and the diaper.

I take a momment, am I mad, NO, am i disappointed, no, Im annoyed and cant figure out why. This took alot of thought on my husbands part. I know he didnt want to waste diapers, he protected her skin. Im stll annoyed though.

So I laugh and say did u really put a sock in her diaper?

Den says Crap (2)

The chances are, she is four weeks old.... she poops all the time. But its really not gross. and at this time im under the impression that you have to rinse the poop so I prewash the poops and put them in a bag to be washed a little later. ( I find out later you can just skip this step till baby starts eating solids.)

Finally her rash is better! thank goodness the cream is working.

Right before bed i put a sposie on her. A "sposie" is what we cloth snobs call disposables.... annoying how we have to give them a nickname!!!! But my baby isnt suffering thought the night in a cloth diaper. gross. Morning comes shes cute she stretches i smell poop. Grab a sposie from by the bed and some wipes. open up the diaper and there is blood again. oh my god!!!! Its obvious now the problem is im going to have to wake up in the night change a diaper and put more cream on her.

Throughout the day i go between cloth and disposables her rash is mildly better the cream is working not as good as the day before but its not bleeding. i put off laundry for a day of facebooking, internet surfing and chatting on the phone.

Bed again. cream, diaper, sleep, wake, cream, diaper, sleep. Morning, cute stretch, poop! I open her diaper and i see more bloody welts argh! I get a blanket lie her on it for an hour. her bum needs good old fashion air. She pees she poops air is working, I plan on doing laundry sometime to day so i guess I'll be washing blankets and diapers. I have no cloth left. we have to go out so i use sposies.

By the end of the day the rash is up her front. great more cream. Now im using baby powder. Im not a fan of it, but at this point im desperate. I wrap her up. she's a swaddle baby. i put her down to bed and i do laundry.

Those who know me know I hate laundry. I work in a clothing store when im not chronically reproducing. I see and fold clothes all day long. like I want to come home and fold more fricking clothes. My laundry room is a mountain of clothes rags and towels. If i happen to clean them, i rarely fold them. thats what husbands r for right??? But i do laundry because i have to clean diapers blankets and towels that my babe has done her buisness on.

In the morning the rash is not better, its not worse but not better. I have clean dipes so I put one on her she goes back to sleep.... lazy baby. I put another cloth dipe on her, feed her, back to sleep. Then i put another cloth on, feed her, and she goes back to sleep..... Im serious she is super lazy!

Its about 3 in the afternoon.Baby wakes up i take the dipe off so she can get air on that bum. I look at her bum and the horrible red bleeding rash is now two tiny spots on her bum. Ive solved the problem
My baby is allergic to disposables. Is this possible?

Den comes home early, I look at him and say tinsley is allergic to "regular diapers"

Den says "crap"

It won't be gross Den

I was sure it was going to be..... I mean its pooh. But den was a plumber and i had five children around me all the time and i had to see their poop all the time. Besides tins poop was the least grossest.

Where this all really started was newyears resolutions about four years ago. I started making our family resolutions to be things to help the enviroment. Free range eggs, biodegratable natural soap, less meat more local etc etc.... Den had jumped on board with all of these surely i could get him to think cloth diapering would be a great idea.

Before i had my baby I had a friend offer me some of her cloth diapers. The thought crossed my mind i could use a few a day that would help the enviroment. Perfect resolution done!

Baby girl comes and is absolutely gorgeous. perfect in everyway We stay in the hospital for a five days and while were there she has horrible diaper rash. When i say horrible it is red bleeding welts.
We get home rash continues, I have now used every kind of cream available i've moved on to prescriptions.... not a fan... but there is blood on my disposables everytime i take them off. she is about 4 weeks old when my friend hands me a bag of cloth diapers.. they r really cute.

I put her in one, I immediately feel proud. Im helping the enviroment. Im a good mom. haha what a geek i am. My hubby comes home takes one look and says im not doing the laundry. Still high on my green proud momma momment, i agree "no i will do all the diapers dont you worry."

This is when i was thinking three diapers a day, what r the chances that they'll even have poop in them?