Wednesday, April 21, 2010

we have hit the great depression of free time

Before children the ability to do what you want when you want was so amazing.... the only thing stopping me was well nothing... My husband looked at free time as a put in take out kind of banking system. At the time it was annoying. I would go for drinks with the girls come home a little tipsy and he would see this excursion as basic permission to go out with the boys come home at some godawful hour completely obliterated and often on the prowl. So you could see how this might be annoying.

Well you add children, free time becomes less frequent. the ability to get a little tipsy just about disappears. This becomes more apparent as the children start to outnumber the parents. Basically there is no escape. My daily routine is planned to the max, no free time. 8:00 am to 9:00 pm we are picking up, dropping off, finding leotards, hair elastics and the ever hiding hairbrush. Not to mention the bedtime hour that seems to be getting longer and angrier as my children refuse to stay in bed. Regardless, if I want to have lunch with my sister I basically need three days notice to schedule a sitter.

You would think his banking system would come in handy now but in reality he is ok going into overdraft in fact im positive he has reached full limit on all his free time credit cards. Because as a man he needs more free time then me. Coffee with the guys in the morning, fishing, hockey, golfing, slo pitch.... these things eat up a lot of time. And he wants to do all of them every week..... we have three kids, which I have alone for 45 hours a week. And all these tasks add on 10-15 extra hours of free time, and you know who that falls on... moi....

It often gets to the point where im so annoyed at his overschelduling of his outside time that i put restrictions on..... he was leaving the house at 6:30 in the morning to watch sports and drink coffee with the guys( he doesnt work till 8). Which left me to pull my butt out of bed and take care of the baby. After about three days of going to bed at 12 and waking up at 6:30 i had, had enough. He got home ...poor him... to a very exhausted, mentally depleted, and vengeful wife.... an hour and a frickin half. If he wants to wake up that early thats fine... i have laundry lunches and coffee on my to do list, thanks for volunteering! The new rule is no leaving this house till 7:30 am.

He is a clever man though, and he in his desire to catch all the latest sports stats... started to change our alarm clock time ahead.... eventually buying himself an extra 17 minutes a day. WTF. I got him back though..... I changed it and bought myself an extra seventeen minutes the other way. he caught on though the first day, stupid men and there internal clock! More so stupid me, i should have done it gradually too!

Yes I may have solved the morning issue. But he has time taken up everywhere and im sorry but we are in a recession of free time.... come see me in a few years when our babes r a little more independent. Im sure he will have time to frolic when they are older.... with three girls im assuming then he will be using his free time to hunt down boyfriends.