Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jay's nicotine patch makes me reconsider disposables.

My sis and me with our busy life often escape to go shopping. Not even fun shopping. The god i dont want to go to walmart but we've being using mcdonalds napkins as toilet paper for two days kind of shopping.

So we pick each other up and head on down to "waller-mart" This is what one of my daughters calls it and i cant seem to stop.

I'm getting the ever neccesary bathroom tissue dish soap and what not. She is getting Jay some nicotine patches. He's quitting again and the patch really helps.

Were spending a lot of time in the patch aisle and I start thinking, This patch is small but he absorbs the poison nicotine through his skin.... weird.

I go home and carry on with my life as usual.

We are still inserting mimi's undies with the left over sposies from tinsley at night time. and she is still not making it through the nite. Even with two pee breaks in the nite she is always wet in the am.

Doing laundry one day i guess one of the disposables went through the wash. YOu know what im talking about... the gel or whatever those soft little pebbles r were all over my clothes. so I washed again.... they were still theyre all over my shit!!! Not disapearing. They look unatural. This is definetly bad for the enviroment and im trying to wash them down the drain. Very irresponsible.

So I bring my clothes and sit on my kitchen floor by the trash and start picking off the gelly balls. Im aggravated and i blame this problem on my husband dennis. God why do men even attempt laundry...argh!!! Can you imagine how pissed i would be if dennis left all the laundry to me. I'm so flipping unreasonable!

But Im starting to think about these disposables even more. Two loads of laundry and its basically intact. I look online to find out what they're made of. Any cloth diaper site cant wait to tell you all about the horrible disposable. So i dont go theyre, i just want to know. What i read is " the most poisonous chemical in the world dioxin" Who knows if this statement is true. But then I read "cancer rates up" "Causes Cancer" "Infertility" "500 years to decompose" which i find a weird statement since they've only being around for 50 years so how would they know! But its obvious they can survive quite a bit. I dont know why but at this momment all I can think about is my brother in law jay's patch.

Holy crap he can get nicotine from a 2"x2" patch. What the F#@% am i leaching into my childrens tiny little bodies. I decide I dont want to know. I shut the computer off automattically disgusted by my train of thought. Crap now it's going to take forever to boot up! Im such an overreactor.

But i dont care no more disposables, In fact im going to buy all natural deodarant and soap. That nicotine patch has just made the jones house a lot stinkier!