Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am terrible..... I have a ridiculous amount of articles due, and I am on my own neglected blog. This blog doesn't have the benefit of a copy editor and site monitor.... it just has little old me and my horrid grammar and spelling.

I can't think of a clever thing to write, so I downloaded some Nine Inch Nails.... and some Pistol Annies.

I found some sites, bought alot of shoes..... Recently my niece who is 4 put on some heels and told her mom, "oooh Im auntie, I'm driving kids to school" Yup that's my job driving kids to school in sexy heels:)

I should be working on "doing shit" which is my new pet project about taking time to do stuff......

All this rambling and still not inspired..... I will talk about "doing shit"

"I Do Shit" started through rambling with friends and daydreaming about life, and stuff we wanted to do.
In my regular life I try not to curse or put curse in written form, in my secret blog life, I am a crazy say anything lady who curses like a drunk trucker. I had thought of taking ownership of my previous ramblings and sharing with my friends.... family and the crew of social network comrades. But I talk about alot, Im basically a  open book, the kind of book where you would totally judge the author. Well if you knew everything it just would be weird... like you read my diary, who writes in there diary when they are happy and nice...... well I do, but I write alot more when I'm peeved.

So for lack of not wanting to share my crazy for reelz life with you. I'm willing to do shit in front of you.

What is shit you may ask.....

Shit is:

Losing that last ten Lbs (shut up  I know im skinny already.... but I got shit like you got shit!) So I chronicle a horrid 3 week cleanse, video pictures everything!

Getting strong- Some how you would think a woman who can carry a 25 lb 2 year old two napsacks and a weeks worth of groceries would be strong.... but I am like a soaking wet kitten... that weak So i go to the gym, I get bullied by trainers I run and lift and do allsorts of things that will make me walk like a 90 year old.

Being Flexible- yes this is important... I use to win all the I can do cooler crap then you contest against my husband with these three tricks, putting my whole fist in my mouth, picking up golf balls with my hideously long toes and being able to extend my leg behind my head straight. I can still pick up the ball with my toes....

Dancing well. My dance moves are basically the hokey pokey the roger rabbit and the running man. Which I have tried to pass of as "shuffling" from Party Rock by LMFAO So you will see me learn a difficult and seeminly impossible hip hop routine as well as a  much more sultry dance.... not looking forward to those bloopers!

Conquering my fear of heights (bunji jumping is the goal) I just peed my Pants thinking about it...awesome

Learning how to drive a trailer. You know what im talking about. We have boats and rv's here and I cannot use them without my husbands help. By next summer I will learn how to launch a boat and back a trailer into a camp site..... preferably a large campsite!!

My crazy editor and friend has thought about a whole bunch of stuff I can do.... awesome!

I chose to add getting super Hot! So I get a lot of time in the spa.... but they will be doing painful procedures... Not so awesome.

I will link the new blog when it is up.