Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things I learned in 2009

You know those facebook notes, list 25 things about you, or list of blah blah blah. well I get them read them, but I never have time to write them out. Come on I have five children running around all day, I only get to creep for a few minutes. I read this good one, "who cares about resolutions what life lessons did you learn in 2009"

This creep cost me a day of rethinking 2009. During my hectic day I found myself constantly giggling at my families antics. And this was usually while standing inline with a cashier waiting for money as im gapping out:)

So here it goes

Friends come and go. Those of you who are lucky enough to be my friend;) probably know I am all in as a friend. You can basically ask me to do anything and i will!!! Im always thinking about you and how to make your life better, how to help you out or uplift your life. I will devuldge my deepest secrets, talk about my married life, talk about premarried life (which is much funner). let you hide out in my house after you meltdown and throw macaroni at your hubbys head. I will plan and conive on how to get yours, mine or one your friends husbands back for being men. But sometime this close relationship grows apart. Im ok with this, as I am that friend who can pick up 8 years later and be just as good as we were.

Bad parenting will always come back and embarass you at inoppurtune times. Case in point, "B if you dont listen im going to get your butt with a wooden spoon" this is something I say, often I am joking. I have never spanked my child with a wooden spoon.... i dont even spank. But my parents said it to me.... they didnt spank either, and so i say it to my brats:) Well Children are sponges who never forget what you say let alone the tone you say it. So Im having a mommy playdate with new mommies and their toddlers and such, my daughter Mia can be heard over the baby monitor shrieking "if you dont give me that im going get your butt with a wooden spoon..... mortified.... mommies please close your gaping mouths.

That I am soooo done with reproducing. 4 to 5 days a week I have a 8 month old and 18 month a 2 1/2 year old a 4 year old and a 6 year old. I call the yougest my Irish triplets and they themselves r a full time job. Cloth diapering them is ridiculous, temper tantrums are outrageous, and the chronic napping is a burden and a godsend.... I love them all but full time so many younguns is like being under house arrest. So I have made the descion to send my hubby in for surgery.... Im not into being infertile, but im totally ok with him being infertile.

I have had three children exit my body... I did two virtually drug free... had some gas but what was the point. With my third My delivery was different...not as fast and furious as the other two.... more like medium and painful. By 7 centimeters I was desperate, when they talked about pain management I was like get the dr here NOW!!!!! And the next twenty minutes were me huffing pointless gas and asking how long till he gets here.... when they said he was here just had to get his jacket off... I was like no no no he can leave his coat on. they laughed. $#@% them! then they wanted to check me.... no no no I dont care if you see her face( the babies) i want drugs! The dr just gave me a spinal... it wears off in 1 1/2 hrs but it will do the trick.... I havent slept in three days. Pain free is amazing I sleep instantly for twenty minutes... I wake up and say "soph can you check me i think i need to push" I cant feel it though. She says yeah you do! Now the spinal didnt last 1 1/2 hr it lasted about 30 minutes but it was well worth it!

I cannot drink like a single lady! My best girl ended a 8 year relationship this year and to be supportive I embraced her singledom and hit the clubs. No one should drink heavily and be confronted with dirty diapers in the morning.... enough said

that breast is not best..... yeah i said it. So all you breast beasties trying to cram it down every new moms throat shut it....! Sorry but im on my third baby and I have experienced it all. Breast, bottle, soother, no soother. I am going to tell you what is best. Well there r two best, one is whatever frickin works! The other, the ultimate best is a baby who will nurse, and who loves the bottle whether its filled fill breast milk or formula. A baby who likes a soother who but who can go without. A baby who can find comfort in her mothers touch not just by chomping down on her over abused nipple. So think before you speak in certainty, you dont know if your strong opinion is hurting a mother who just couldn't do it. And to all you new moms, there will come a time when you dont want to be the only source of nutrition for your baby. and thats ok!

That I love to camp but I love a five star resort more. thats all

Husbands get more and more useless in the delivery room. Case in point. With my first he was there all the time. followed my desires with out going off course. My second he slept through most of the labour but came in for the pushing. My third he actually stood over top of me while i was in excrutiating pain reading a yachting magazine and ocassionally peeked over the top to see how i was doing. If bringing our child into the world wasnt using up every ounce of strength I had. I would have choked him.

that your parents were right when they said "wait till you have kids" "what goes around comes around" and other things like this. I admit that when we had bria and she was perfect and helpful and still is that i thought they were wrong. Im slowly learning that its the middle child to watch out for....... she is sweet and quiet and cute, and up to absolutely no good, she has the listening skills of her father....none. And the inherited desire to do it her own way.... thats from me. She has the inability to retain simple request "not to".... i think i gets translated in her brain to "you must always colour on the walls", or "you must give you baby sister peanut butter bread. " So What your parents said is true.... I hold onto this and am waiting for the time i get to say it to my kids:)

I learned to never say never. What you think you wont do today, might be neccesary to do tomorow.

I learned 7 bottles of wine in a few hours is not good for the pupils. ( yes I shared them with other people)

This is where I found this blog finished..... I guess thinking about drinking to much wine made me quit..... thankfully I can say by 2011 I learned never to drink homebrew like it was water:) Also I have learned some hard lessons since this time but I have allso learned some amazing soul lifting ones aswell. I love that life keeps moving.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Maybe cloth diapering is for you

You know you've pondered the idea, thought "I would like to wrap my babies bum in cloth instead of disposables". I'm sure you have weighed the pluses against the minuses and the reason you chose not to was the price or "too much work".

I'm not pushy about what you choose to do, in our family we use sposies and cloth, mostly cloth but we have sposies for back-up.  But I will be honest, I get pretty annoyed with people who tell me they didn't do it because it would be too much work...... In my head I think, "Uh-huh, and you know this how?"

It is almost always non cloth parents who will tell you how hard and labourous cloth diapering is, who will turn off potential fluff moms with their strong opinions. All the moms and most the dads I know who fuzz butt (cloth) their babes think its easiest thing ever. Most feel pride at showing off their fluffy bummed babes. Cloth mammas love and get addicted to the different methods, annoy their sposie friends with details on their latest addition to their fluff stash.

So Im going to give you links to online stores, group buying,  and other ways you can try cloth diapering for the cost of two months of disposable diapers. Then you can choose if it is for you on your own.

First cloth diapers are not costing the ridiculous 24 dollars a diaper anymore. (but if you do buy one for this price you cant go wrong, I love my rump a rooz and BG's) There is a lady in Richmond BC who sells Kawaii diapers for around 6.50 bucks each. Find them HERE she gives discounts for group buying and free shipping for over 70 bucks. The diapers are amazing and they are the first ones I have found that get us through our baby's 13 hour sleep. They are one size and I have tested them on a 6 month old and a 1,2,3, and 5 year old, boys and girls.

If you are an ebay shopper she has a online store where you can get them cheaper Here but ebay has an amazing assortment of cloth diapers browse them here

Most come  from over seas, and at first you might revolt against this idea, but do your research, find out where the most popular diapers are made, Lots of these diapers are made in the same same factories as the the top ten diaper brands.

So If you spend 40- 80 dollars you get yourself a nice little stash to actually try it out, to make the diapers pay for themselves you only have to use them for two months, after that you can sell them used or trade them. Try places like craigslist, facebook groups, usedeverywhere or my fave  Diaperswappers.

And for you adventuress do it your self mammas. Try wazoodle's diaper store, for the supplies to make your own. The packages are pretty well priced and you will love showing off your home-made fluff:)

I mentioned group buying. This is a real valid option where you can get a decent amount of diapering supplies for the fraction of the cost. I'm holding one now, where you get 10 diapers 2 wet bags and 20 inserts made overseas, snap closure prints and solids available. We are hoping the price will be 45- 50 dollars. Message me for pics and deets!

 The bonus of having cloth diapers is you never run out, they are good for a long long time. Our five year old still has to where a diaper at night, so thats 365 diapers a year,  her disposable cost would be 170 dollars a year. But two night time heavy wetters set us back 12.50$

I hope you choose to try:)