Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Am I Moving Backwards

Im a serious cloth diaperer now..... But i have found a sposie diaper that doesn't burn my babes butt. They're brown and chlorine free and if we only use one and then cloth she is fine. I had to buy them because we were going camping in the rain and the possibility of me running out of clean dry diapers was to great to risk.

My husband is loving the ease of disposables.... im not sure why. i feel like the process is about the same:
  1. lay baby down
  2. take dirty dipe off
  3. wipe
  4. put clean dipe on
  5. Now here is the difference on cloth you walk to one of the two pails i have and slip the dipe in to be washed .... or you take the dipe off and go to the garbage.

what i feel is the benefit of cloth is we can go weeks if not longer with out going to the dump. Also we never have to clean up dirty diapers off the lawn that the neigbors dog has torn apart eaten and regurgitated....yup its gross.

cloth we have to do laundry... we have to! this is good for me because i hate laundry this makes sure at least some things in our house get clean.

But am i getting to into cloth diapering...I started off with a two peice cloth diaper system. the diaper then the cover.... then i went for the cadilac all in one.... then i went to the all in two which is like an all in one but you stuff it with a soaker and they dry super fast. Now these are all amazingdiapers but now im making these really cute covers and im using receiving blankies and the orgami fold with a fleece liner. this is a complicated three peice system and im loving it..... so am i moving backwards????