Monday, April 19, 2010

No work.... oh no work

I have had a fabulous maternity leave. My baby was a sleeper... all day and all night. My oldest was in a school she finally liked..... ( the year before i had tried to have some culture in her life by having her attend a strictly french school.... it was more like culture shock!) My middle child was finally speaking in a language adults could semi understand.

I spent time with family. I sewed. I coffeed ( Yeah i made up a verb so what) Oh you need a definition

coffeed: a group of friends getting to gether drinking coffee and bashing there husbands... just joking.

Regardless I had it going on.....

My return to work date was coming up... and it kept approaching faster...... how was i going to give up running my house like a well oiled machine... for rushed mean morning mom... or tired exhausted dinner mom.... lets not even talk about the bedtime monster... Three kids in child care.... bahahaha wowza there goes my paycheck.

Ok im not going back... no im going.... oooh all that work for no money........ kay im done... better tell my boss.

Now here i am, at home, not really sewing, parenting my baby who sleeps for 6 hours a day. And my middle one is addicted to the computer....and Im hit with the reality, im not working, no paycheck, no real adult time. No directional goal.

I am throwing my self into school fundraisers and organizing photoshoots for friends spending all kinds of hours working, and i realize i am back to where i was before, (all that work for no money)... im a month into my non working life and i have realized I need work.. At least a form of it. Outside washing toilets and making baby food, planning family dinners and organizing our life.

So now, to find the ultimate job for a want to work mommy.....