Friday, September 18, 2009

Crayons on My Dipes

I hate crayons!!!!!

I mean I hate them! and at this point i hate Crayola who has the audacity to claim they r washable.

Ten diapers aswell as baby blankets and these amazing sheets that i have definetly paid tooo much money for are covered in turquoise and fushia crayons. My dryer is coated.

This is the second day of being pissed off. Usually i dont last that long but it is not @#$%ing washable.

When i take them out and sit on the kitchen floor and tell my 6 and four year to gather all the crayons in the house and put them in the garbage. My six year is shocked.... why would her art loving mom who hangs all her gorgeous pictures of the same three princess on her bedroom wall, command with such authority to get those horrible crayons out of my house.

I calmly explain that for the second time crayons have made it into the dryer and destroyed things... "B" says (thats my six year olds nick name. " can I see"

I show her and she asks "whats the prob mom" she says they look great and theyre you're favorite colours. SHe says I always use them all the time to make your pictures.... In my head im thinking that little brat just confessed to being the irresponsible crayon holder. Im terrible. Im super terrible. Im holding my six year old responsible for my laundry mishaps. I feel like shouting in my frustrations... the sheet cost 90 dollars... its not a gorgeous soft feeling green its a meely of crayon colour turq, fushia, and what ever those two colours make when they are mixed together!!!!!!!!!

Deep breathe. maybe a few more....what time is it? 11:15.... I should be making lunch but instead im torturing my kids by making them throw out the crayons themselves... I take pity on them or maybe on myself 'the whining is terrible'. "go away mommy will do it and i will get you pencil crayons they make better pictures anyways"

I saw on martha stewart an iron and a paper towel will get it out. I grab a diaper and start. I place the iron down and pull it up "yes" the paper towel has colour on it!!! this is working!!! I look at the dipe itself it doesnt look different.... just more of this ironing will do the trick......( this is where i decide im crazy) I have completely ignored my over priced sheet to fix something that gets crapped in!
If you were wondering it doesnt matter if you iron the dipe for a half an hour the dipe stays stained and you get a colourful useless papertowel. Thats a half an hour i will never get back!!!!

My next idea is to boil the wax out..... i put a few dipes in a big pot of water and boil them. to waste time while this is happening i decide to go to the dryer and clean it..... Its hard.... I turn on the dryer to loosen the horrible wax. I get some off this way... but not enough to put anything in there safely..... I try good old baking soda. nope it doesnt work.... Oh my god im going to have to use the horrible magic eraser " you know the one im talking about.... you've probably gotten the emails telling you that it will burn your skin to the bones or kill your dog " yup Im gonna need that kind of cleaner on the dryer.....I get it out glove free.... im living on the wild side and scrub.... with very little results.... stupid horrible crayons and magic eraser!! Magic nothing!!!

I hate mr. clean now too.

The boiling doesnt work!!!!