Sunday, September 27, 2009

want to cloth diaper your newborn..

So Some times i feel like i should help let a mom cheat.... I make diapers. It's my buisness. its how i make moula to feed my brood. but you need money too. lots of moms want to cloth their baby right from birth.... and this is a good choice. the earth loves you for it! But Lots of those moms waste they're money and a lot of time doing laundry. A newborn will go #2 like every five minutes..... so if you have some fancy all in ones or pockets designed for newborn you will need twelve to get you through the day. And thats expensive and a lot of laundry. by the time your babe is two months he or she will have chunked up enough to fit in a size medium.... or one of my BUMBAROO diapers 10lbs. to potty time dipes. Most medium dipes will be good till 18 months, if not longer. Thats when to invest your moula in a fancy diaper.

The solution is to buy two small covers. and stuff them.... I cheat at this too.

You know you've being there. you change your precious babes bum and seconds after you're done they let out a little wet fart..... it's not much but if you leave it they're your babe will probably rash, you change them its one more sposie or cloth dipe to take care of. so this is how i cheat.... I fold a 12X10 peice of flannel in three, this absorbs moisture, over that i put three layers of fleece. measurement is like 4 " X 10" . When the little one does the squirt thing you just remove one layer of fleece, which i usually use to clean them up with. This method will cut your full dipe changes to like 4 - five a day. the covers can be quickly washed and dried if needed and a whole day of changes adds up to about the same size as one all- in one diaper..... and three days of material also adds up to the cost of an all in one!

My babe is about 6 months now but i have to admit i always use this method in the morning... I will put a clean all-in-two on her but i also put a layer of fleece because it never fails she always goes about 15 minutes after her first change of the day!!!!!