Friday, February 25, 2011

To diaper a newborn.

Finding the right diaper for a newborn is a very challenging task. If your like me and like to experiment with many different types, it can be a little daunting to know all these new born diapers only last two to three months, before they outgrow them into real size diapers.

My last newborn was 6  pounds at her lowest weight. I want you to imagine that tiny baby with a very well made Rump-a-rooz or Mother-ease one size diaper. The diapers were lovely, but large on my baby. She was to say the least pear shaped and the diaper often started inches under her armpits. Even at 8 lbs they were too large looking to fit under her clothes. A job I did not relish was putting her in a trendy Gap outfit, the pants were definitely not designed to go over her cloth wrapped tushy!

This is where I knew I needed a trimmer diaper, even if it were just one or two to have on hand for when we were going out. The big dipes could be used for at home under sleepers.

A friend had dropped of some Nikki covers and some pre-folds. The covers were very small and trim, even the mediums were tiny. I liked the Nikki design they had really nice gussets and a mesh lining that kept the cover smelling fresh so it could be used more then once. But the pre-folds were still quite bulky. I looked on-line for forums to help solve my dilemma. I knew I couldn't be the only momma unable to squish her baby into the cute clothes gifted to us.

I found links to many inserts, but most had to be folded down for the newborn size. I found and ordered newborn inserts, but shipping would be two weeks. I was hoping for a instant solution. 

Thankfully, a wonderful momma in Seattle posted her solution to my big butted problem. She had went to Wal-mart and bought a pack of 24 cotton facecloths for 6 dollars. She cut a piece of fleece up into  home made liners. She would take a facecloth fold it in three and cover it with a piece of fleece.

At the time I was changing my baby 8- 12 times a day and she only drank 1-2 oz at a time. I was pretty sure a terrycloth cloth would soak that up, the fleece acted as a great wick for the dampness and it protected the cloths from the mustard color stains from her BM's. The best part was it was very trim.

This solution worked great till she reached about 10 lbs. By then she was drinking 3- 4 oz, and a facecloth no longer did the trick, but my 24 pack of cloths did not go to waste. They now are now on hand as a reusable washable wipe.

This solution was cheap and easy but man oh man now that I see my friends with their newbies in lil`joeys and fuzzibunz perfect size, extra small diapers, do I feel envy. My advice would be to get one or two diapers meant specifically for your newborn. In the end you will love showing off your little one in a perfect fitting piece of fluff:)

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